Continuous Improvement and Sustainability for effective project management

Project Technical Audit

Ensure the success of your projects with our specialists, we are the only ones who apply forensic engineering to projects, businesses, mining plants, industrial plants and construction sites. With this technique it is possible to identify vulnerabilities and transform them into opportunities for improvement, adding value to the project/business.

  • Forensic Engineering Application
  • Design thinking
  • Problem Tree
  • Solution tree
  • Identification of the root problem, its causes and consequences
  • Application of Hurwicz methodology
  • Decisions Tree
  • Risk analysis
  • QA/QC
  • Process simulation
  • Strict compliance
  • Environmental identification and assessment matrix
  • Process audit and unit operation
  • Financial audit
  • CAPEX/OPEX audit
  • Audit of the economic attractiveness of the project
  • Identification of operational flexibility and real options
  • Community Relations Audit
  • Audit of waste management for recycling
  • Security and information audit
  • Technical Audit
  • Risk Analysis and/or feasibility of the project.
  • Analysis of legal requirements.
  • Review of compliance with current regulations and regulations.
  • Analysis and revision of the Project Content.
  • Calculations and dimensioning.
  • Effective transfer of what is defined in the memory to plans.
  • Selection of materials and equipment.
  • Measurements and budget.
  • Established Quality Control Plan.
  • Review of project sustainability strategies, energy saving, waste management
  • Timely generation of alternatives and their evaluation.
  • Permit support

Present since 1992 in the mining, energy, industrial and infrastructure sectors. We have high performance professionals and proven methodologies to prepare, update and apply complex audits and determine Continuous Improvement Plans, coordinated with our clients, and that have uniform criteria for their preparation and application in the respective projects.

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The project audit allows the company to know with certainty and objectively the status of a project at a specific time and whether or not it is within the defined tolerance margins and identifying possible deviations.


We have developed collaborative work platforms and reporting systems that support our audits, helping companies to recognize whether or not the project complies with the best practices related to Project Management, indicating the actions of correction, training or reinforcement of the standards to Apply for efficient project management.