Control, Security, Reportability

Counterpart Engineering

Quality, efficiency and sustainability are the basis of our studies

  • Detailed review of engineering designs
  • We apply digital techniques to identify vulnerabilities, errors or omissions
  • We identify structural operational risks that need to be managed and mitigated
  • Unrestricted respect for nature and the environment
  • We correct or improve the construction strategy
  • We avoid interference with the production system
  • Forensic management reports with improvements, recommendations and KPIs

We have a pool of high-performance professionals in their respective fields, with a mix of experience and talent that allows us to satisfactorily comply with the execution of contracted engineering services on time, costs and quality.

“Exceptional solutions for exceptional clients”

~ Metaproject Group

“La mayor riqueza nuestra no esta bajo nuestro pies sino nuestros hombros”

~ Metaproject Group


We are a Village of Knowledge
We encourage integrated work and constant collaboration between professionals in order to share generational and specialty know-how, to find the best quality-cost-sustainability solution for our clients.


We have developed our own applications to control projects efficiently and with the fulfillment of commitments in terms of deadlines, costs and quality.