Design and development BIM

Building Information Modeling

Quality, efficiency and sustainability are the basis of our studies

BIM is a reality that has gone beyond the construction sector, firmly penetrating the mining and energy worlds, which are increasingly exposed to the digitization and computerization of their operations.

  • BIM Management and BIM Execution Plan
  • Project Reports and Analysis and Performance Statistics
  • Multidisciplinary Coordination and Interference Detection
  • Construction and logistics sequence
  • BIM Audit
  • 4D and 5D
  • Modeling and Documentation
  • Development of Families and Objects
  • As Built Models for Asset / Facility Management
  • Digital Construction of Prefabricated
  • Visualization, Rendering, Animations
  • Virtual reality
  • point clouds

Desde la idea inicial hasta la demolición o  reciclado de las construcciones, estamos presente  con nuestros diferentes servicios:

  • BIM Management ; Reportabilidad, estadísticas de Análisis y Desempeño; Coordinación Multidisciplinaria y Detección de Interferencias; Secuencia de construcción y logística; Auditoría BIM; 4D y 5D

“Exceptional solutions for exceptional clients”

~ Metaproject Group

“Our greatest wealth is not under our feet but on our shoulders”

~ Metaproject Group


We are oriented towards coordinated design that ensures accurate and reliable documentation for the correct estimation of costs, construction, manufacturing and facility management.


We are a Village of Knowledge
We encourage integrated work and constant collaboration between professionals in order to share generational and specialty know-how, to find the best quality-cost-sustainability solution for our clients.


We have developed our own applications to control projects efficiently and with the fulfillment of commitments in terms of deadlines, costs and quality.