Field Inspection Services

We apply the highest global standards in the supervision, inspection, control and management of construction works and services, under online digital platforms for correct decision-making.

  • Technical inspection of work, auditing
    technical audit
  • Forensic engineering, claims management
  • Advice to the tax inspection
  • QA
  • Control and management of operational risks under ISO 31000 standard
  • Environmental management and planning
  • Online digital management report
  • Capitalization of knowledge (DATAROOM)
  • Blockdata, Data mining, Process mining, Internet of things
  • Development of technical bases
  • Construction bidding process
  • Purchases and Tenders
  • Contract management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Control and supervision of the technical and administrative aspects of the construction contract.
  • Inspection of civil works, architecture and specialties
  • Issuance of work progress reports with photographic evidence, physical and financial progress control
  • Final reception of the works, liquidation and settlement of the construction contract
  • Start-up Support
  • Commissioning and pre-commissioning services
  • Project Programming and Control
  • Project Management
  • Field Engineering
  • Solid experience in FIS, inspection, auditing, in the mining, energy, infrastructure, oil and gas, civil works, airports, ports, bridges, rail transport and metro transport sectors.

“Exceptional solutions for exceptional clients”

~ Metaproject Group

“La mayor riqueza nuestra no esta bajo nuestro pies sino nuestros hombros”

~ Metaproject Group

More than 4,000,000 manpower in technical inspection of works supporting our clients


We develop comprehensive solutions according to the requirements of each client, our solutions on inspection issues, although independent, can be articulated in a complementary manner to improve compliance and project management.


We develop our own collaborative platforms, in direct collaboration with our clients, adapting them to the requirements of each service and to the client’s control, supervision and reporting needs.