Comprehensive contract management optimization

Contract management

Focus on managing contracts such as projects and commitment management

A good contract is the first step to having successful projects

  • Review and audit of the bidding process
  • Completeness review and scope management
  • Preparation of corporate technical bases: Safety, Quality, Sustainability and Occupational Health
  • Risk management by type of contracts
  • Recruitment Planning
  • Application of forensic engineering
  • Structure analysis and contract design
  • Review and analysis of the contract in operational terms
  • Service value chain analysis
  • Cost analysis, estimated budget
  • Contract structure: Lump sum, unit price or reimbursable expenses
  • Audit of the bidding process
  • Supplier audit
  • Preparation of contract in SAP MM platform
  • Monitoring of operation of key indicators
  • Creation of key indicators
  • Review for control and monitoring of KPIs
  • Analysis, reportability and recommendation for management
  • Physical and financial advancement
  • Conflict prevention and resolution strategy
  • Management of claims or Claims
  • Closing contract

Engineering studies in its different disciplines:


  • Mining and Processes
  • Civil Works – Structural
  • Structural Mechanics and Piping
  • Low-medium and high voltage electrical
  • Electronics – automation and control
  • Hydraulics
  • Sanitary
  • Industrial
  • Computing
  • Supply and Logistics
  • Reliability
  • Transportation

Engineering studies in their different stages:

  • Profile
  • Prefeasibility (Conceptual)
  • Feasibility (Basic)
  • Detail
  • Execution (Investment)
  • counterparty
  • Land
  • Forensic

Metaproject’s experience in contract management allows the profitability of negotiated conditions, maintenance and fulfillment of commitments, verification and monitoring of terms and review of contracts.

“Exceptional solutions for exceptional clients”

~ Metaproject Group

“The greatest wealth is not under our feet but on our shoulders”

~ Metaproject Group


We carry out an exhaustive documentary control during the life cycle of the contracts, we have a powerful reporting and contract monitoring system.


We have a privacy policy and protocols that guarantee the confidentiality of the documentation managed in each of the stages of the contract life cycle.