Design and development

Environmental engineering

Quality, efficiency and sustainability are the basis of our studies

We support the development of productive projects with our specialists in multidisciplinary engineering issues, providing each project with environmental assessment and regulatory compliance.

  • Matrix of environmental aspects
  • Environmental impact assessment matrix
  • Environmental management (ISO 14001 – 2015)
  • environmental planning
  • Communication with communities
  • EIA presentation (environmental impact study)
  • DIA presentation (environmental impact statement)
  • Enforcement of water use regulations

Apoyamos el desarrollo de los proyectos productivos con nuestra expertiz en temas de ingenierias multidisciplinarias y servicios de apoyo, con un fuerte énfasis en temas de seguridad y protección medioambiental

Metaproject has developed its own project for the remediation of environmental liabilities, such as the recycling of OTR mining tires, for the generation of electricity and marketable by-products.

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We support the development of productive projects with our expertise in multidisciplinary engineering issues and support services, with a strong emphasis on safety and environmental protection issues.
As a company in the sector, we have special concern for the remediation of environmental liabilities, for which we have incorporated the best methodologies and technologies available to carry out said remediation and its proper maintenance.
Oriented to solving, mitigating and/or preventing the environmental problems of our clients, at Metaproject we offer the management of Mining Environmental Liabilities (PAM).
Our services cover the following technical aspects of management:
Phase I) identification, location and preliminary characterization of the paralyzed mines and the situation of their surroundings, with the purpose of raising an inventory or mining cadastre of these sites.
Phase II) Thorough study of the hazard scenarios of the selected abandoned/paralyzed mines and their effect on people and the environment.
Phase III) Identify the elements susceptible to reprocessing (mining waste deposits) and/or reuse (facilities, buildings, workshop areas, machinery parks or mineral parks).
Phase IV) Prioritization of actions, plans or measures that will be considered, embodied in the guide for prioritization and PAM remediation proposals.