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Purchasing and Supply Management

National and international purchases, tenders, activation and engineering of materials

  • Supplier portfolio management by categories
  • Category expert supplier review and audit
  • Market research and registration of contractors
  • Purchasing and acquisitions plan
  • Hiring plan
  • Database review of materials by categories
  • Selection of suppliers
  • Outsourcing purchase process
  • Generation of the bidding process
  • Review of technical and economic background
  • Technical validation
  • Economic validation of suppliers
  • Negotiation of commercial conditions and transport
  • Issuance of purchase order
  • Reception, revision of equipment and spare parts acquired according to technical specification
  • End customer notification process
  • Payment Management
  • Conflict prevention and resolution strategy
  • Management of claims or Claims
  • Supplier performance evaluation
  • Management report and KPI via digital platform
  • Management of national and international purchases
  • Preparation of technical bidding bases
  • Management of bidding processes
  • Purchase Activation
  • Materials engineering
  • Improvement of material catalogs Reverse logistics
  • Warehouse Management InHouseInventory Control
  • Material catalog optimization
  • The purchasing and bidding processes are carried out under a strict code of ethics and constant supervision to ensure the transparency of the processes and the security and integrity of the information through digital platforms and the internet of things, in order to ensure the correct decision making. Our professionals go through a strict selection and training in matters of management, efficiency and probity, in order to give the necessary and sufficient guarantees to both our clients and suppliers.

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~ Metaproject Group

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~ Metaproject Group


The project audit allows the company to know with certainty and objectively the status of a project at a specific time and whether or not it is within the defined tolerance margins and identifying possible deviations.


The experience accumulated both by time and by the high standards of demand of our clients, have allowed us to develop a digital system based on the Internet of things, robust and effective reporting, which allows monitoring of processes for correct decision making. and that generate significant savings for the companies that have chosen us to manage their supply processes.