Smart Mining


“Mining with its courage is the most effective tool to change to a more dignified and happy world”

  • Strategic planning and business models
  • Prefeasibility Studies, Feasibility
  • Geological exploration prospects: Basic intermediate and advanced exploration
  • Evaluation of geological exploration prospects
  • Hydrogeology studies
  • Geotechnical studies and soil mechanics
  • Selection of the exploitation method
  • Design and operation of open pit mines
  • Design and exploitation of underground mines
  • Operational planning, short, medium and long term
  • Mineral reserve consumption strategies
  • Cutoff Strategy
  • Mining plan development
  • Mining development plan
  • Long-term exploration plan
  • Base case development
  • Ventilation system
  • Fortification and drainage system
  • Design and optimization of shot diagrams
  • Determination of optimal loading and transport fleet
  • Estimation and evaluation of mineral reserves
  • Simulation and risk analysis of the mining plan
  • Determination of the optimal production rate that maximizes the NPV of the business
  • Infrastructure and logistics studies
  • Design and progress of tunnels and underground works
  • Geotechnical engineering – rock mechanics
  • Evaluation of projects under risks and uncertainty, through risk analysis
  • Evaluation of projects through modern techniques of real options
  • Valuation and economic appraisal of deposits and mining assets
  • Resource and reserve certification using code NI-43101
  • Economic valuation of assets by code VALMIN
  • Preparation of bankable documents for financial institutions and stock exchanges
  • Due Diligence and technical audit of projects
  • Digital transformation to mining processes and operations

We design mining projects with innovative solutions taking advantage of the best global technologies and digital transformation, based on planetary mining, with unrestricted respect for nature and the living beings that live there, with happy communities, with conviction and commitment to nature and social equity and inclusion.

We advise mining projects so that they are sustainable over time, seeking the best methodologies and technologies available on the market to ensure projects and operations that do not harm the environment and support the development of surrounding communities.

  • Certification of Mineral Resources and Reserves NI43101.
  • Valuation of Mining Assets through Real Options.
  • Reservations Valuation. VALMIN code.
  • Bankable Studies and Documents
  • Mining Planning and Geology.
  • Production Planning.
  • Underground Mines Design.
  • Open Pit Mining Design.
  • Site Closure
  • Mechanical Preparation of the Mineral.
  • Material Handling Management.
  • Hydrometallurgy.
  • Pyrometallurgy.
  • Electrometallurgy.
  • Process control.
  • Concentrate plants.
  • Dimensioning of the Optimal Transport Fleet.
  • Simulation and Optimization.
  • Metallic and Non-Metallic Mining (Copper, Molybdenum, Gold and Fe, Lithium, Rare Earths)
  • Foundry and Refinery.

“Exceptional solutions for exceptional clients”

~ Metaproject Group

“La mayor riqueza nuestra no esta bajo nuestro pies sino nuestros hombros”

~ Metaproject Group

We believe in an industry that is the engine of development for countries, which can be carried out in a sustainable way, bringing wealth and well-being without harming the environment or mortgaging the future of new generations.


We are a Village of Knowledge
We encourage integrated work and constant collaboration between professionals in order to share generational and specialty know-how, to find the best quality-cost-sustainability solution for our clients.


We have developed our own applications to control projects efficiently and with the fulfillment of commitments in terms of deadlines, costs and quality.