First agreement for augmented reality between Metaproject and Action Industrial Innovation

Within the framework of promoting and promoting mining that allows a sustainable and sustainable development model, this Monday the “Agreement between Metaproject and Action Industrial Innovation (Anabari)” was signed.

The cooperation firm between the Metaproject group and Action Industrial Innovation, aims to advance exponentially in technology that will optimize operations in industry 4.0.

New tools such as hardware and software are beginning to be integrated into mining operations, specifically in the area of projects and long and short term planning. For this reason, Anabari provides a complete augmented reality technological tool for both mining planning and engineering projects.

Metaproject in the constant search to promote new technologies in its engineering projects, allows this new strategic alliance with engineering and innovation, towards the development of new software platforms for mining 4.0 planning.

“This agreement between Metaproject and Action Industrial Innovation is of great importance in our search for innovative solutions for our clients, as well as supporting young national technological entrepreneurs. The market needs augmented reality software for mining planning and the development of better and more profitable projects, for this reason we wanted Metaproject to have the first software of these characteristics at a national level”, said the CEO of Metaproject, Manuel Viera.

“Add that the Metaverse or the digitization of mining requires new skills from professionals and also from companies to maintain leadership worldwide, which is why this agreement is very significant and very important, because there is more than 30 years of experience of mining project development, plus the new tools that come with the Metaverse, will create a wonderful intellectual impulse for the whole world”, Manuel Viera specified.

“Expanded virtual reality and also artificial intelligence will be the key to maintaining Chile’s leadership worldwide, especially with robotic and automated processes and the intensive use of augmented virtual reality,” Manuel said.

“One of the most important points for development at the country level is the generation of alliances between different companies, in this way the national industry is expanding and growing, so the experience of Metaproject, along with the disruption of developments mining and industrial digital innovators from the company to Action Industrial Innovation, will generate a positive change in the management of mining industry projects”, explained the CEO of Action Industrial Innovation, Rodrigo Munizaga. Adding that “the integration of effective training based on pedagogy is fundamental, to address the resistance to frustration to changes, experienced by clients when implementing new innovative tools in their jobs, so as not to generate stress.”

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