105th IOC WMC Chile and the most important international mining congress in the world

On April 14, Chile became the center of global mining attention by inaugurating the 105th International Organizing Committee (IOC). This event marks a milestone in the country’s mining industry, with the vision of positioning Chile as the venue for a future World Mining Congress (WMC).

Featured participants
Led by its president Prof. Marek CAŁA and his counterpart from the Chilean chapter of the IOC / WMC Dr. Manuel Viera, CEO of Metaproject Group, the event brought together mining ministers from India and Peru, as well as representatives from important mining countries, including Poland , Australia, Austria, Spain, Slovakia and China, among others. This meeting offers a unique platform for Chile to showcase its leadership in sustainable mining and develop international collaborations.

History and objectives of the WMC
The World Mining Congress (WMC) was founded in 1958 by the Polish scientist Bolesław Krupiński, who organized the first congress in Warsaw. This international, non-political and non-profit organization works in cooperation with the United Nations to highlight the importance of minerals and promote sustainable mining practices globally.

First time in Chile
It is the first time that the International Organizing Committee (IOC) meets in Chile. During the opening day, mining leaders met at the Sheraton Hotel to discuss and plan the next WMC. The event concluded with a gala dinner and a performance by the Ballet Folklorico de Chile, BAFOCHI.

Recognitions and key agreements
During the gala, the “Global Mining Leader” award was awarded to the Minister of Mines and Energy of Peru, Rómulo Mucho. Gastón Fernández, distinguished lawyer and mining historian, was also recognized for his outstanding contribution to Chilean mining.

The day concluded with the first steps to develop a historic brotherhood agreement between Chile and Peru, which allows generating a mining alliance, encouraging the exchange of experiences and promoting sustainable mining.

Positioning of Chile in the global mining industry
With this event, Chile reaffirms its role as a leader in global mining and moves towards a more sustainable and prosperous future for the industry.

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