The organizers of the charity campaign for Valparaíso

Metaproject made itself present in the devastating situation that the Valparaíso Region is experiencing. The forest fires that the area has suffered have unfortunately left a historically high number of deaths; the severity of the flames has been devastating. That’s why, in line with our company’s philosophy “Life Comes First,” the Radio Madero team invited Metaproject to join a prominent solidarity and charity campaign for many affected individuals.

Due to the devastating forest fires in the region and the magnitude that this catastrophe has presented, Gabriela Flores and Christian Sepulveda have played a significant role

Both communication professionals, with over 15 years of experience and radio hosts at Radio Madero, promoted this campaign that has managed to bring together various actors in the national mining sector. These participants were present with our company in the activities carried out in Valparaíso.

The conviction and arduous commitment of the organizers of this campaign to help succeeded in bringing together the Minera de Chile Foundation, Rotary, Cemin, and Metaproject.

On Thursday, February 8th, the journey to the Fifth Region took place. The day began with the delivery of resources at the Infantry Regiment No. 2 Maipo and subsequently concluded at the Madero radio studio located in Concón.

Flores and Sepúlveda highlighted the willingness of Manuel Viera, CEO of Metaproject, and Dominique Viera, Vice President of Operations, who quickly joined the charity campaign by making available the medical resources received by José Garrido, representative of the Disaster Response Unit (URAC).

On her part, Lucila Alarcón, General Secretary of the Minera Foundation, appreciated the contribution of the organizations that provided donations. She emphasized the efforts of the communicators, “It was a very nice experience, very well-organized help.”

In the same vein, she added, “We want to thank Metaproject; they have accompanied us every time we have asked for collaboration.”

The solidarity day concluded at the Madero radio studio with a special broadcast of the Café con Leche program, making a call to the entire mining sector to contribute to this activity.

“We deeply appreciate the assistance from the mining sector, and we hope that all suppliers can continue to join,” stated Gabriela Flores, founder of FY Comunicaciones.

Additionally, her partner and colleague, Christian, added, “I believe that the media falls short in depicting what is happening, what has happened, and what is being accomplished. We need the support of the mining ecosystem. We will continue with this campaign; we have to help. There are many people who need it,” he concluded.

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