Codelco Environmental Services seals another tender with Metaproject

The most important copper company in the world, Codelco, within the framework of assigning a flexible contract to support the Strategic Sustainability Directorate of the Northern District, chose among other specialist companies, the experience of Metaproject, in terms of sustainable advisory services, such as environmental components and territorial.

The scope in environmental management, current operational and future projects of the Northern District (DN), includes specialists in matters of environmental sustainability, with relevant experience in the different stages of the development of a mining project. In addition, cover issues associated with strategic and operational environmental management.

Metaproject will evaluate the environmental aspects of the contract, authorizing the closure plan permits, specifically studying the production processes and areas of direct or indirect influence of the Northern District divided into the following modules described below: Preparation and processing of the Environmental Impact Study (EIA) ), Environmental Impact Statements (DIA), Consultation and/or Relevance Analysis (AP/CP), Development of strategies and/or Legal Advice in the field of sectoral permits.

Likewise, Metaproject will grant the services of environmental studies, professional support, and technical services for its evaluation, under the safety and environmental standards that the Corporation has in the Northern District.

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