Metaproject holds a talk on Strategic Sourcing for Cementos Bío BíoMetaproject realiza charla de Strategic Sourcing para Cementos Bío Bío

As part of our policy of collaboration with the industry, our services manager Víctor Silva, an expert in BPO issues, gave a talk on Strategic Sourcing under Six Sigma, to the team of supply professionals of the Cementos Bío Bío Company, led by his supply assistant manager Claudia Guzmán.

The SGPP Methodology talk “Stage Gate Procurement Process” for the optimization of service contracts, addressed the strategy to implement agreements, preliminarily understand costs and internal processes, managing detailed customer requirements, covering potential market opportunities and the structure of the industry.

Among the points that were addressed, in order to identify consumption indicators, the identification of clients and understanding the size of the market and its growth were presented, highlighting how important the technological trend is, to define an implementation plan for the sourcing strategy, along with the implementation process.

This instance of collaboration arose from conversations between Aprimin partner companies, during one of their union meetings, establishing the importance of these events for cooperation between mining supplier companies.

Metaproject is one of the most important companies in the mining sector in BPO services, especially in matters of national and international purchasing and supply management, with clients such as Codelco, Anglo American, among others.

“Our differential value is to implement a methodology that considers traceability and knowledge management of human resources, both in the areas of internal clients and Supply. Additionally, we propose efficient reporting to capture the committed savings”, assured Víctor Silva, Metaproject services manager.

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