Metaproject participates in PERUMIN Mining Convention 2023

Manuel Viera Flores Viera, CEO of Metaproject and Dominique Viera, Vice President of Operations, together with other representatives of the company, carried out a series of activities that the most important mining event PERUMIN Mining Convention 2023 scheduled in its 36th edition.

The mining summit in Arequipa has allowed mining experts at the national and international level to coordinate, present and debate the important issues that concern the industry.

In turn, the large gathering of attendees has brought together businessmen, representatives of mining company organizations and important supplier industries to learn about the industry’s innovations and show the benefits that are being developed in mining.

In this year 2023, PERUMIN Mining Convention took place in the city of Arequipa from September 25 to 29 at the Cerro Juli convention center. METAPROJECT GROUP extends a special invitation to colleagues and friends in Peru to come and learn about its activities. The company already has established offices and is managing interesting proposals in the fields of engineering, technical inspection of works and supply and logistics management.

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