Metaproject receives the “Conciliation and Co-responsibility 2023” award from APRIMIN

The Association of Industrial Mining Suppliers (Aprimin) distinguished Metaproject for the second time for its gender equality policy, in the “More than 200 workers” category. The objective is to distinguish the company associated with the best indicators in the areas of conciliation and co-responsibility of family, work and personal life, within the framework of a new version of the Aprimin Annual Dinner that celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2023.

Metaproject has come a long way, collaborating for years in all areas and levels of the organization, with a multidisciplinary approach and dissemination campaigns, whose purpose has been to advance the bandwagon of inclusion and respect for diversity.

One of the most notable results of Metaproject’s gender equality policy was obtaining certification under the NCh3262:2021 standard on gender equality and conciliation of work, family and personal life, moving forward with firm steps, due to the commitment for which it obtained recognition from Aprimin in the “More than 200 workers” category for the second time, after having received it in 2020.

In 2019, the Association of Industrial Mining Suppliers (Aprimin) established the “Conciliation and Co-Responsibility Award”, with the purpose of recognizing the good practices of its affiliated companies in the area of ​​reconciling work, family and personal life. for his collaborators. With this distinction, we have sought to collaborate with the increase in the presence of women in the mining industry, making it more sustainable, productive and inclusive, also improving the quality of life of workers in the sector and their family nucleus.

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