Vanessa Cancino is the new ENAP DAO Service administratorAP DAO

Vanessa Cancino, a risk prevention engineer, since the beginning of April assumed the challenge of occupying the position of contract administrator of the DAO Occupational Health and Safety Inspection Service of our client ENAP.

“Currently I am taking the position of contract administrator for our services for ENAP, which means a tremendous challenge, but which I will undoubtedly carry out with all the desire and all the drive that has been shown in this time in our company. ”, expressed Vanessa, after officially assuming the position in a meeting at the parent company.

Since January 2021, Metaproject Ingeniería E Innovación manages the ENAP contract, corresponding to the Occupational Health and Safety Inspection for the facilities and projects of the Storage and Pipelines Directorate (DAO).

Metaproject Ingeniería E Innovación makes available its extensive experience in Technical Inspection, both in the mining and petrochemical sectors, on issues of support and on-site advice to supervision lines in matters of safety leadership, compliance with operating standards, management and audits of contractor companies and delivery of support tools in the incident and accident investigation processes, as well as in the preparation and support in carrying out systematic risk analysis, and in the support and reinforcement of topics for talks and specific training in Security issues.

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