The board of directors of the Association of Industrial Mining Suppliers (APRIMIN) met on January 5 to appoint the presidency for the current period.

The organization’s scrutiny was unanimous in favor of Metaproject’s Vicepresident of Operations, Dominique Viera Peñailillo, the second woman in the history of APRIMIN to serve as president of one of the most important trade associations in the national mining sector.

Dominique has stood out in the mining sector holding similar positions, which include two consecutive periods as Director of APRIMIN, Vicepresident of the Mining Chamber of Chile, and is currently Director of the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies AIC and President of MinInnova Foundation.

In this regard, the president-elect of APRIMIN referred to this new challenge. “I deeply appreciate the trust that the board of directors has placed in me, to represent such an outstanding group of professionals and companies in the mining sector. As suppliers, we have played a crucial role in promoting inclusion, innovation, development and research that have contributed to the progress of this vital sector and it is the purpose of this board of directors to give new impetus to this ecosystem, allowing us to get back on track. of world leadership,” she concluded.

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