Peru and Chile must establish a strategic alliance to take advantage of the price of minerals this 2024

Chilean specialist suggests a geopolitical alliance between both countries to negotiate their natural resources well with the great world powers.

According to Manuel Viera, CEO of Metaproject and member of the EXPOCOBRE 2024 Advisory Committee, the prospects in mining for the year 2024 are expected to be good, due to the increase in the price of the so-called critical minerals in line with a notable increase in their demand. Therefore, he explained that Peru and Chile must prepare to gain greater market share, release mining projects in the pipeline and increase production, taking advantage of the bonanza in prices.

It is known that Chile is the world’s leading producer of copper and Peru the second; However, both countries face certain challenges, added to the uncertainty of the world market, which according to the specialist they could overcome by working hand in hand to strengthen their mining industry, mainly copper.

“From my perspective, Chile and Peru must form a strategic, geopolitical alliance to negotiate their natural resources well with the great powers that seek the precious minerals,” he said.

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